Frequently Asked Question

Q:  Do these poker systems really work? 
A:  Yes, they do work.  These systems are written by professional poker players, gurus, math wizards, and
professional gamblers who have dedicated themselves to studying, analyzing, and really understanding how to put
the odds in your favor when playing poker online.  At the very least, the poker courses, systems, and online schools
on this website will put the odds much more in your favor to actually have a shot at winning serious money playing poker
online. Each system you've seen has had real and verifiable winners that have won considerable profits using the listed
Q:  Is poker illegal in the USA now? Will I get arrested if I play online?

A: No, the government has taken steps against the payment processors, but never the players.  To this day, there has never
been an online poker player arrested by the government.
Q: How much can I really win?

A:  It all depends on the game you are playing.   For example, in the Sit-N-Go Genius system the author strives to show
you how to make $45 an hour playing low limit Sit-N-Go's online.  Each system has different objectives, goals, and profit levels.
Everything is dependant on your risk tolerance and your desire to do everything in your power to reach your profit goals.

Q: How much money do I need to get started?

A:  Most of the time you need a bankroll of about $200 to get started.    We recommend that you take advantage of the
free bonuses offered by Full Tilt and PokerStars to help boost your bankroll right away.   Full Tilt offers new players
up to $600 in free money and PokerStars offers a free $50 when you deposit $50.  Simply click here for the special Full Tilt offer
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Q: How long will it take before I start to see any wins and consistent profits?

A:  It's dependant on how often you play the strategy.  Many players will experience their first gain in the first 1-2 weeks.
Other players will not follow the system exactly as laid out for them and will not experience any wins or gains for months. 
As long as you are disciplined enough to stay on track you should see your first win and consistent profits roll in very quick!

Q: How many games an hour do I have to play to make $45 an hour?

A: This is what poker players call variance. It happens to all of us, but if you stick to your game plan in the end you
will be the overall winner.  We will teach you how to play winning poker that will keep you winning month after month. 
In the end poker is 75% skill and 25% luck. Poker isn't the lottery we are playing here, this is a SKILL game.

Q: What if the product doesn't work for me, can I get my money back?

A:  Yes, all the products listed on this website offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  If they don't work for you,
simply get your money-back, there's no risk with these systems!