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Mark Kirby

Hello Sean, thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity to better my poker skills and increase my winning percentage.  Before I downloaded and read your Sit & Go book, I only placed in the money 17 times out of 197 tournaments, and only actually won 2 of the tournaments (MTT).  That is a percentage of about 8.6%.  That is not very good. 

  After reading your Sit & Go book I switched to that and placed in the money on 3 of the first 5 I played, and placed in the money on 5 of the last 10 I played.  After playing 28 Sit&Go's I have placed in the money 8 times, that is about 28.5%. It appears to be going a lot better, as soon as learn a little more control and don't do some idiotic plays I am sure it will just keep improving. I will try to keep you informed of my (possible/probable) improvement from time to time.  And when I feel I have gotten a good grasp on the Sit&Go tournaments, I am going to read the MTT book and try to improve my game there.
     Thank you very much, Mark Kirby (A very satisfied customer) 

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Ryan Corone from Jacksonville, FL

"I was really starting to hate poker until I found your website. I was depositing $50-$100 every single day... it was horrible! Now, after using your Sit-N-Go Guide I've been able to instead $100-$200 every night I play! Thank a lot... very valuable info.


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Timothy Goosen from Kentucky

"I love Sit-N-Go's but now I love them even more! Just using a few of the tips you gave me I've been able to seriously profit in poker. I plan to move up to $33+3's next week. It's so nice profiting every hour instead of breaking even.

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Steven Golub

"After downloading the Micon system, I listened to it about 3 times. I printed the strategy sheet and went over it with a fine tooth comb. When i played in my first few tourneys, i found myself going deeper into the tourneys than i had done before. I eventually started to make the money in some multitable tourneys I two SnG,180 player max, I finally won them both,$1080.00. I've used the system regularly, but I have to say I haven't made a final table in a while. Even though I have been cashing using the system."


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"After a short time using The Micon System, I won my seat to the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event! Couldn't have done it without The Micon System!"


Christian Britton

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"I knew I was a decent player but I had a few leaks in my game. I knew I needed to fix my game, but I had no one to learn from. That's when I found "The Micon System." Micon's system really works. I cashed in the first tournament I played after listening to his system and about a week later I won a seat into the WSOP Main Event and I cashed in that for $39k. His system works for both live and online play. I highly recommend it for both new and experienced players."




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